Cheers and Beers!

This is the story of the Coors Light bottle, faith, and a whole lot of nail-biting:

My mother purchased a 6 pack of these for the start of the Bruins/Montreal series. I’m not really a heavy beer drinker, but sometimes you just need one to get you through the unpredictability and chaos that is our Bruins playoff experience. But, let’s face it–we love it. Live for it, even.

But, as we approached game 3 of the Montreal series and the undeniable hole the Bruins had to dig their way out of…in Montreal, I decided to save this beer for the (then) likely scenario of needing a drink to get me through the disappointment of yet another heart-wrenching Bruins playoff season.

However, the Bruins did not lose that night. No. They won. And they kept winning. Big game after big game. Series after series, in city after city. And thus, this single Coors Light bottle remained unopened and secure in its sacred place within my fridge.

And then, the miracle happened. They did it. They won it all, under the most unimaginable odds, in the most unforgiving environment. Lord Stanley shined down on our beloved Bruins once again, for the first time in 39 years. For the first time in my lifetime. For the first time in my 30 years of Bruins loyalty.

And so today, after a season of trials, tribulations, injuries, heroic returns, tears, elation, player sacrifices, biters, floppers, excitement, heartache and joy, I say:

“Cheers, Bruins fans! May we relish this victory. May it seep deep into our souls, and hold tight in our hearts, until they no longer beat. Thank you Bruins, for always keeping our dream alive. To you. To us. To the faithful. Cheers!”

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