What is Newsworthy?

NEWSDoes your business have an awesome story to tell? Are you launching a new product or sponsorship? Here’s a few industry tips that will help you identify good stories that best attract media attention!

Timeliness – Is the story happening right now? New stories get the worms, kids. If you’re pitching a product launched 5 months ago that’s been replaced by the latest and greatest – your story isn’t news anymore. If you’ve just launched a life-saving vaccine – that’s news!

Proximity – Is your news relevant to the community or region? Will it impact community members? If you’re a manufacturer of sneakers in China, would you really send a news release to Wisconsin press? If you’re announcing a product line, no, but if you’re moving manufacturing headquarters there – that’s news!

Special or rare – Is your news unique or unusual? A dog riding on a bike with his human is not news. It’s cute and all, but not newsworthy. If that dog is the one doing the peddling – that’s news! 

Dramatic – Is your news dramatic or conflicting? Does it drive chatter? Will it be talked about for months? These types of stories can stay in the news cycle indefinitely. 

Impact/Consequential – Do people need to know this information? Will it change their lives? For example, if you’re launching new light-bulbs that cut $30 off homeowners’ monthly electricity bills – that’s news. If you’re only changing the packaging on the bulbs – not so much – unless the packaging is made of U.S. Mint bills. (Insert JOKE here.)

It’s important to know that very few stories are going to have all these attributes, but a “newsworthy” story has at least two – preferably three. Please share your thoughts on what makes a newsworthy piece below!

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