Benefits of SEO and PPC: A small business tutorial

LM3 Benefits of SEO and PPC

While PPC ads drive lots of traffic to your site while they're running, that traffic will diminish - or end - once the ad set finishes. Alternatively, the more relevant and fresh content you produce for your website and content marketing efforts, the more credible your business will become to your customers and search engine spiders.

SEO or paid SEM: Which is better for my small business?

LM3 Search engine marketing

Is SEO or PPC better for my small business?  Working in both marketing and public relations capacities, we've come to realize search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay-per-Click search engine marketing (SEM) work well together to create a solid website presence and search results listing. And since more than 40% of e-commerce sales for products in 2013 were generated by user-based … Continue reading SEO or paid SEM: Which is better for my small business?

The Difference Between Meta tags and Keywords in SEO

While the differences between #Metatags and website #keywords are clear, search engine spiders use them both in tandem to determine your website content, and determine your page's "validity and authority," which ultimately results in where your small business will rank in the search engine result pages (SERP.)

Create Your Social Media Strategy: 3 Tips for Small Businesses

This goes without saying, but not all social media networks are created equal. In fact, each platform has its strengths and weaknesses and therefore offers users very different benefits. When you think strategically about your products and how they help solve a problem, this information will help determine the kinds of content you should be developing and sharing on your social media platforms.

Market Basket: Crisis Management Faux Pas

Market Basket - Crisis Management Faux Pas Ugh. Can it get any worse for the Market Basket Grocery chain? Not only are thousands of long-time employees and their families rallying against leadership, many of the 71 stores' perishables departments - like produce and shellfish - are beginning to resemble looted big-box stores. A sad, lonely melon here...a group … Continue reading Market Basket: Crisis Management Faux Pas

Social Media: Future Implications for Small Business Owners

Our "connections" are now en-route to becoming more automated, impersonal and technology-based. So #smallbusinesses not only need to consider what platforms they'll be regularly active on, but must now strategize innovative ways to attract "digitalized" customers.