Your media partner.

Creating rapport with the media is essential for small businesses and organizations to increase press coverage.

Tell Great Stories
Over the years, LM3 founder Laurie Moon has built strong relationships with key journalists, influencers and industry bloggers in a variety of industries, and leverages those connections to secure coverage for small business, non-profit, consumer and tech organizations. Her coverage portfolio includes placements in top-tier trade and business press, as well as numerous regional and local daily outlets.

Share News and Promotions
We’re communicators — it’s what we do. We’ll write your press releases and media alerts, but we’ll coach you through media interviews, too. We’ll identify the relevant influencers for your market and manage press outreach; but we can also ghostwrite blog posts, editorial articles, and create really cool content that engages your social media followers.

Protecting Reputations and Managing Crises
Your reputation is your most valuable asset. And thanks to social media, information takes minutes (sometimes seconds!) to travel. We’ll help your business identify possible crises — even the crazy, batty ones you’ve never thought of — and plan for them.  We’ll coordinate responses, serve as spokesperson, inform stakeholders to help ensure public perceptions remain positive.



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