Public Relations

The core strength of any public relations strategy begins with trust. At LM3 Communications, we help small businesses and non-profit organizations build relationships with influencers and communities to drive “buzz,” build credible connections and create positive perceptions about your business.

We build connections. 

Connect with Customers

While crafting rapport with media contacts is crucial for helping your small business increase media exposure, we also understand the media are generally not your end users – your customers are.  And it’s this mentality we employ when strategizing your public relations program.We think about who your customers are, what their needs are and how your business can help them. This ideology ensures we strategize the correct messaging deliverables for the channels and delivery platforms your customers value most.

Connect with Influencers

A well-executed media strategy can reap as many sales benefits as pricey advertising campaigns. Journalists are always looking for awesome sources – and we’ll help your business become one of them. Just like your wingman on Friday night, our media relationships can help bring you and your audience together. We’ll help your small business build a media database, draft press releases, handle outreach and showcase premium press results.

Connect with your Community 

We listen to your business goals and create opportunities to advocate them on your behalf. We’ll help you build partnerships with area businesses through cross-promotions that can create camaraderie for years to come.

Share News and Promotions

We’re communicators. It’s what we do: we’ll write your press releases and #media alerts, but we’ll coach you through media interviews, too. We’ll ghostwrite your opinion and editorial articles, draft e-newsletters, engage your social media communities and be your company spokesperson.

Manage Reputation and Crises

Your reputation is your small business’ most valuable asset. And thanks to the influx of social media, information takes minutes to travel. We’ll help your small business identify possible crises – even the crazy, batty ones you’ve never thought of – and plan for them.  We’ll coordinate crisis response efforts, serve as spokesperson, inform stakeholders and ensure public perceptions remain positive.